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Welcome to the Minnesota Purple Martin website!

Contrary to what people might want you to believe, Purple Martins really do not eat mosquitoes! Visit this link Here to read more about the biggest misleading fact about the purple martin!

This site is dedicated to the preservation of the purple martin, more specifically the martins located in Minnesota. The goal is to provide information that is specific to attracting and keeping these birds at colonies in this state.

Here you will find information from both successful landlords and people who have worked with successful landlords.

More general information on the purple martin can be found on the Purple Martin Conservation Association's website here!

DISCLAIMER: This website is dedicated to the purple martins period. Any vendor links provided are merely for informational purposes to aid in the attracting and preservation of these birds. I do not wish for this site to promote any 1 specific vendor. We're all in this for the birds! :-)

Picture above: Adult Male Purple Martin with a dragonfly in his clutches. This martin is waiting to feed his young at the Minnesota Martinfest June, 2006 at Sharon Wangen's colony near Albert Lea, MN. Photo Courtesy of Hauns Froehlingsdorf

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